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           My name is Cassandra McKenna D'Alberto, I specialize in bridal, beauty, production, and fashion/editorial makeup. Providing versatile styles for all occasions, skin tones, skin types, all ages, and ethnicities. Other services I specialize in are semi permanent eyebrow tattooing x4 certified, lash extensions and brow lamination. I have been working the beauty industry for 10 years now and am a licensed Cosmetologist and graduate of MUD (Makeup Designory) in Soho, Manhattan, NY. Where I became a certified Makeup Artist in their multimedia program.

​Why I love being a Makeup Artist/Why I became a Makeup Artist

               I believe I have been very artistic my whole life. I received my first painter's kit for Christmas when I was about 5 years old, and shortly thereafter discovered a new world of creativity with water pastels (which were my favorite). I loved drawing everything I saw and imagined. Spending hours on end alone in my room or my sister's art studio drawing everything I saw as I looked out the window was the norm for me. I am an artist at heart and have a real love and appreciation for the beauty that surrounds me every day.

               I owe a lot of my love for art and my creativity to my older sisters--Sarah, who was an art student and now professional photographer and master hair stylist; and Alyce, who has always been creative with her makeup,style, and her career as a body piercer; and ,of course, my mother who was gracious and trusting enough to let me play and experiment with her makeup at such a young age. Growing up in a house of women who loved their makeup and beauty products, it was a natural progression to envelop myself into a career of Makeup Artistry. My love for makeup is not solely based on the opportunity to express my creativity by doing something I love, it is by far the most fulfilling career I could have chosen solely due to the positive impact I bring to other people. The most rewarding aspect of my career is the fact that I help build the confidence of so many women I have worked with.

               Although I am a strong believer that inner beauty is the most important beauty, many women have insecurities relating to their physical features, and I speak from first-hand knowledge. In a makeup application, there is definitely a transformation that takes place. Often, that same person who was insecure about their uneven skin tone, a blemish, scarring, etc., is now beaming with joy and has a new boost of self-confidence.

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