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Permanent Makeup

Every client I work with is entirely unique. For this reason, each modern tattoo treatment is customized to the individual providing services that are specialized to you.


Eyebrow Tattoo

Powder brows $495

Done with a permanent makeup machine that implants small pixels of pigment to create a soft powder effect

Machine hair strokes $595

Airy, Hair-like strokes, made by Permanent makeup machine. Less trauma to the skin than microblading and suitable for all skin types.

Combination Brows $545

(both powder and machine strokes)

Color boost $275-325

1.5-3 years

can last up to 1-4 years

Lip blush

A treatment for those who want anything from a subtle tint to a more full-coverage lip color.

We will begin with a consult you to determine what look you want to achieve and decide on a pigment that suits you based on your natural lip color.

Results can last anywhere from 3-5 years. $425 intro pricing.

Eyeliner Tattoo

 Defined Liner, Shaded Liner and the most subtle enhancement, Lash Liner Enhancement (to give the appearance of a dark lash line).

 Eyeliner treatments can range from natural and subtle to a more intense, dramatic, smokey healed result.


All appointments are booked online using booking link. 

Schedule is open for booking 2.5 months in advance.

If no appointments are available you can add yourself to a waitlist or check back for openings.

Please read policies upon bookings.

*Touch ups are not included*

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